It’s about that time again. Put football to the side for now. It’s time to gear up for the 2017 MLB postseason.

What a field of playoff teams we have this time around. I feel like I say this every year, but something tells me this will be the best postseason in some time. Not only do we get to see powerhouses like the Indians, Dodgers, Nationals, and Astros in action, we also finally get to see under-the-radar NL MVP candidates Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt battle it out in October. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

It’s safe to say my preseason predictions were slightly off. However, I’m poised for a comeback. Here’s how I predict everything playing out…

AL Wild Card Game

Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees: Yankees win, 6-4.

I was close to picking the Twins just to be different, but I’m not brave enough. The Yankees own the Twins. I do, however, think it’ll be a better game than most people expect. So good job and good effort, Minnesota. Hell of a comeback season.

NL Wild Card Game

Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks: Diamondbacks win, 8-3.

Over on The Eephus podcast we’ve made it known that we’re big-time Rockies guys. We’ve been on the bandwagon for about two years now. Unfortunately, I don’t see them being victorious in this game. The Diamondbacks, especially since the acquisition of J.D. Martinez, are too good. If this were at Coors Field we might have a different conversation, but this game will go to Arizona.


Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros: Red Sox in 4

Chris Sale is the key to the series. In my mind, whoever takes Game 1 takes the round. I believe Sale is going to shut down Houston’s big bats and put the Red Sox on the right track to succeed for the rest of the series. Oh, and that Price guy? He’s going to dominate out of the bullpen.

New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians: Indians in 4

Yeah, the Indians are just a powerhouse. If you thought there was any chance I’d have them ousted in round one, you’re out of your mind. There’s no glaring weakness in this year’s Cleveland team. Meanwhile, I look at the Yankees and I see question marks in both the rotation and the bullpen, two areas the Indians are stellar in.


Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals: Nationals in 6

The Cubs ended the regular season red hot. But they didn’t end the season against a a threat like the Nationals. Washington’s pitching powers them over the defending champions.

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: Diamondbacks in 6

The Dodgers hit a bizarre rough patch toward the end of the season while the Diamondbacks dominated. That domination includes a sweep of the Dodgers at the end of August. Arizona has L.A.’s number as of late. The Dodgers had a historic regular season, but unfortunately for them they’ll be bounced out of the tournament yet again.


Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians: Red Sox in 7.

Sale finally figures the Indians out at the right time. By no means will it be easy, but the will Red Sox get the better of the team that swept them out of last year’s postseason.


Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Washington Nationals: Nationals in 5

Arizona’s season has been quite the story, but it ends here. The Nationals make it clear who the better team is in this series.

World Series

Boston Red Sox vs. Washington Nationals: Nationals in 7.

Well, there it is. While my preseason predictions were a disaster otherwise, I did have the Red Sox and Nationals facing off in the World Series. I’m not turning back on that prediction now. In fact, I’m sticking with the same result as well. The Nationals finally get over the hump to win in yet another classic World Series.