We’re less than a month away from UFC 217, arguably the best card of 2017. The card takes place November 4th, at Madison Square Garden. We get a rare 4-fight PPV card due to the fact that we’re being given 3 title fights on one card. As far as I can remember, this is the first card where in my opinion there are 5 top 15 pound for pound fighters on one card. I am excited. Let’s dive in!

Joanna Jedrzejczyk (C) vs Rose Namajunas #4.

Our first title fight will be for the women’s 115 lbs title as the queen of the UFC, Joanna Jedrzejczyk takes on a young challenger in Rose Namajunas. In my personal rankings I believe Joanna is the #3 fighter in the entire world, as she’s been dismantling her competition for years now as she sits with a perfect 14-0 record. Rose is really the last challenger in the division for Joanna to fight, but Rose is extremely outgunned in this one and should face the same fate as all the other women Joanna has taken out. A super fight could very well be on the horizon for the champ.


Cody Garbrandt (C) vs TJ Dillashaw #2.

It’s an absolute crime that this fight isn’t in the main event slot. The animosity and hatred between these two is as real as it gets, and both men are some of the most skilled fighters you’ll ever see; I personally rank the 135 lbs champ, Garbrandt #7 in the world pound for pound with Dillashaw at #13. Not only am I guaranteeing fire works in this one, but I’ll put money on this being a candidate for fight of the year. I haven’t been this excited for one individual fight since McGregor vs Alvarez which was close to a year ago. Even if the rest of the card flops, this fight alone is worth the buy.


Michael Bisping (C) vs Georges St-Pierre.

For those that are unaware, GSP is a legend of the sport and is considered by all to be one of the top 3 MMA fighters of all-time. GSP was the 170 lbs champion from 2007-2013, winning 11 straight fights over that span. It was after the 11th straight win that GSP announced he’d hang up his gloves for a while, but after a 4 year hiatus everyone was shocked when it was announced he’d not only return, but that he’d move up to 185 lbs to take on middleweight champion Michael Bisping. Bisping has been criticized by all (including myself) for what has been an embarrassing title run as he’s managed to avoid the killers of the 185 lbs division, and instead taken fights against a 46 year old Dan Henderson and now GSP who’s been out of competition for 4 years. However, Bisping does hold the record for the most wins in UFC history with 20, while GSP just so happens to be sitting at 19. This fight is made up of question marks, how will GSP look? Will both men retire after? Who the hell is going to win? One thing we do know is even with all the criticism around this fight, it will be interesting, and it should certainly be one hell of a fight.