It didn’t take long for the Red Sox to fire manager John Farrell following their short-lived postseason run.

Farrell’s career as Red Sox manager got off to a promising start in 2013 as Boston earned its third World Series title in 10 years. He was lucky enough to take over a team that actually had leadership, camaraderie, and accountability. Since then, it’s been difficult to associate the Red Sox with any of those traits.

I’m not going to act like I’ve been in the Red Sox clubhouse examining the behavior of Farrell or anyone else on the roster, but it doesn’t take a beat reporter to point out Farrell’s obvious flaws. His in-game managing more often than not was questionable. His excuses in postgame press conferences were laughable. In front of the cameras he had his player’s backs to a fault, but behind closed doors there always seemed to be a lack of communication.

Long story short, this firing was inevitable. Now, it’s a matter of who the Red Sox plan on replacing him with, and they better choose carefully. But hey, it can’t get much worse than the Bobby Valentine saga, right?

Here are, in my opinion, the five leading candidates to be the new Red Sox manager come 2018:

1. Gary DiSarcina

DiSarcina is a Billerica, MA native. I am a Billerica, MA native. Of course I was going to list him first.

But in all seriousness, DiSarcina will most definitely be considered for the managerial position. He hasn’t managed a Major League team, but as the Red Sox bench coach it might be easier for the front office to simply hire a guy from within the organization.

It’s possible we saw a preview of the new Red Sox manager after Farrell was ejected from Game 4 of the ALDS (although it absolutely was Farrell still calling the shots in that game from the clubhouse).

2. Brad Ausmus

There’s an obvious connection with this one. Dave Dombrowski hired Brad Ausmus in Detroit, now Ausmus is looking for a job and Dombrowski needs a new manager in Boston.

I don’t think this would be a good idea. If it didn’t work with the Tigers, it certainly won’t work with the Red Sox. But Ausmus undoubtedly is going to be considered regardless.

3. Alex Cora

Cora played in Boston from 2005-08 and now serves as the bench coach for the team that just eliminated Boston, the Astros.

Cora is known as one of the smartest baseball minds around. Just ask his former teammate Paul Lo Duca…

As of today, Cora would probably be my top pick to be Farrell’s replacement. The Red Sox could use some intelligence.

4. Dave Martinez

Martinez currently serves as bench coach for the Cubs but has made his desire to manage a ballclub clear. Another brilliant baseball mind, Martinez is a guy many Red Sox fans might not know about but would be an excellent candidate for the position.

5. Jason Varitek

File this one as a long shot as Varitek has no managerial experience whatsoever, but it has become impossible to talk about an open Red Sox manager position without mentioning the former Boston captain.

No one should expect Varitek to be seriously considered, but let’s just say I would take him over Ausmus.

(Please don’t hire Ausmus…)


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