With the World Series starting last night, it brought up a very, very interesting debate/question/all of the above on the latest episode of Anything Goes. *  What big time sports moment would you want to partake in? We’re pretty much talking each big United States sport’s walk-off championship moment.

Crazy Sports Moments

  • Walk-off Game 7 World Series home run
  • Game 7 Buzzer Beater 3 NBA Finals
  • Game 7 OT Goal Stanley Cup
  • Game-winning Field Goal in the Super Bowl
  • Game-winning World Cup Goal
  • Game winning something in Olympic play

Walk-off Home Run Game 7 World Series 

Game 7 Buzzer Beater 3 NBA Finals

Game 7 OT Goal Stanley Cup

Game-Winning Field Goal in the Super Bowl

Game-Winning World Cup Goal

Game-Winning Something In Olympic Play

Now obviously some of these videos are not exactly identical to the situation at hand. I could not find an NBA Game 7 Buzzer Beater at home, Game 7 OT Stanley Cup goal at home, or a Game 7 World Series HR that wasn’t the video quality of 1972. Fuck it though, you get the idea.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear Justin and I’s rankings. However I will tell you my number 1 because it is a clear winner for me. Drumroll please…..

My pick: Walk-off Game 7 World Series Home run


^ I know this isn’t a walk off assholes. The intensity and emotion of this whole Bautista at-bat and aftermath (bench, crowd, announcer, camera shaking) is is as close to as I picture a World Series Game 7 walk-off to be.

Even though baseball is not my number one favorite sport, an absolute moonshot of a walk off home run to win the World Series would be everything I’ve ever dreamed of. The bat flip, the slow walk around the bases where, for 5-10 seconds, the entire world has eyes on you only, and the crowd and celebration at home. A home crowd all screaming and celebrating simultaneously is my favorite piece of art ever.

* Very good podcast if you haven’t got a chance to listen yet.