The latest season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia ended on the most depressing of notes as beloved psychopath Dennis Reynolds seemingly left the show indefinitely. Now, Always Sunny fans have another reason to be upset.

All 12 seasons of the show will be removed from Netflix on December 8 as licensing rights expire. You can, however, still watch it on Hulu… if you’re into that sort of thing. Either way, if you haven’t binge-watched Always Sunny already, A. What the hell are you waiting for? and B. Now is the time to do it.

As a tribute to arguably the best comedy TV show of this generation (settle down, The Office fans, I said arguably) here are 10 hilarious clips from a show with hundreds of unforgettable moments. These aren’t in any specific order, and I’m aware I’m leaving a ton out. Feel free to tweet us @TheLedgeSports with your favorite clips, and we’ll add them here.

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Dennis and Dee buy crack

Charlie’s dating profile

“I’m a 5 star man”

Idiots, savages

“I have to have my tools”

The suburbs

Ongo Gablogian

Troll Toll

Charlie in the mailroom


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