The Angels are the winners of the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes.

Ohtani, who is being called the “Japanese Babe Ruth” as he can apparently hit the ball 500 feet while throwing 102 mph, chose the Angels as his team on Friday.

The Angels were close to clinching a Wild Card berth this past season despite missing Mike Trout for 50 games. If Ohtani is half as good as people are making him out to be, and Trout can stay healthy, then their playoff hopes should be pretty high next year.

Ohtani reportedly will both hit and pitch for the Angels, but I simply just don’t see that lasting too long. Maybe I’m just being a debbie downer — that’s usually the case —
however the hype for this guy just seems over the top. Eventually I believe Ohtani will be forced to choose whether he wants to be a full time hitter or pitcher. I lean toward pitcher on a team that so desperately needs top-tier talent at the top of their rotation.

We’ll discuss the Ohtani signing and much more on the next Tater Talk podcast episode.