We waited over a year for Black Mirror season 4’s release, and it was more than worth it.

Netflix came through with arguably the strongest season of Black Mirror yet. It offered the perfect blend of happy, shocking, depressing, and fucked up twists that made us all fans of the show in the first place.

Now that we’ve already cruised through the measly six episodes, the only thing left to do is rank them. We’ll be much more in-depth on the Anything Goes podcast, so subscribe and listen if you want to hear us discuss there.

Here’s each Black Mirror season 4 episode ranked and graded accordingly…

6. Metalhead – D+

Simply put, Metalhead was the clear weak link of season 4. Having a black and white episode seemed like a cool concept, until you realized it just added to the blandness of the characters and the plot line.

Black Mirror is better than the “robots take over the world and kill humans” storyline. Each episode is so elaborate and clever, and then there’s Metalhead, which really is neither of those things. This was a disappointment for me, but luckily the rest of season 4 picked up the slack.

5. Crocodile – B-

Crocodile would’ve gotten a far worse grade if it weren’t for its ending. I was rolling my eyes throughout the episode at its predictability. But that ending… I was thinking about the ending for a while after the fact. That was messed up.

Regardless, Crocodile is on the weak end of the spectrum for this season. Why didn’t she just say it was an accident!? Why!?

4. ArkAngel – B

I’m seeing a lot of hate for this one, and I’m not sure why. Sure, it was on the slow side, but it was the most believable plot of any episode in season 4. Hell, maybe in the entire series.

I thought the performances from Rosemarie DeWitt (Marie) and Brenna Harding (Sarah) were phenomenal. They did a great job portraying how a child-tracking/surveillance technology would affect both the child and parent. I will not listen to any ArkAngel slander…

3. Black Museum – B+

Black Museum had the biggest twist of any episode this season. Midway through, I found myself thinking “get to the point already,” but when it did… oh man that was awesome.

I probably could have done without that one guy who basically came every time he felt pain, but oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers.

2. USS Callister – A

The first episode of the season (if you watch it in order like me), USS Callister gets you hooked right away. Jesse Plemons AKA Todd from Breaking Bad AKA Landry from Friday Night Lights is amazing in his typically creepy role as Robert Daly. The rest of the cast, especially Cristin Milloti as Nanette Cole, is great as well.

It’s a hilarious episode, definitely the funniest of the season, and it’s by far the most captivating. It’s probably the consensus best episode of season 4, but I guess I’m a sucker for love because…

1. Hang the DJ – A

Hang the DJ was just perfect. I might even consider it my favorite of any Black Mirror episode ever. Don’t worry, USS Callister isn’t far behind…

The thing is, I could totally see this technology becoming a reality sooner rather than later. We already have Tinder, Bumble, and god knows what else. Will said technology be as effective as it appeared to be in Hang the DJ? Eh, probably not.

But without spoiling anything, I’ll just say the ending made me legitimately smile. One of the very few upbeat and heartwarming endings Black Mirror has had.