It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans have been taken on an emotional rollercoaster the last few days with news regarding the hit comedy series’ beloved psychopath, Dennis Reynolds.

That’s because the bizarre ending to last season’s finale hinted toward Dennis (played by Glenn Howerton) leaving the show. Rumors swirled of Dennis’ exit as fans assumed Howerton’s focus would shift to his upcoming project, AP Bio.

I’m speaking for Always Sunny fans everywhere when I say the finale left me speechless, confused, and frankly upset. Dennis became my favorite character by a mile, and the glue that kept the show rolling into its 13th (!) season. His absence, if true, would be the show’s downfall.

But a couple days ago, articles were published stating that Howerton “confirmed” Dennis wouldn’t be going anywhere. We all got our hopes up, just for Howerton to shoot them back down in a Twitter rant…

(Every time I read this thread, I imagine it as one of Dennis’ classic freakouts).

So, make your own judgements on the “creative decisions” that will go into season 13 and Dennis’ fate. It sure seems like he’ll be back, albeit in a minimized role. I guess that’s better than nothing… right?

Anyway, it’d be remiss of me to not end this with some of Dennis’ greatest hits to show why we need him back. Enjoy! We’ll be discussing all this Always Sunny drama on the next episode of Anything Goes, so subscribe and listen when it’s released.


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