About Us

Like sports? Like entertainment? If you said no to both of those, well then we have no idea why you’re reading this or how you got here in the first place.

But for the rest of you, welcome to The Ledge. We’re a sports and pop culture blog, and yes, we realize there are quite a few of those on the Internet these days. So you’re probably wondering, “Why bother coming here when I can just go to ESPN or some other source? Allow us to answer that question for you.

Though we consider ourselves fairly knowledgable about the world of sports and culture, we’re fans just like you. When you read, watch, or listen to our material, you won’t get the watered down stuff you’re force-fed by some of those “bigger” websites. You’ll get your information unfiltered. We pride ourselves on letting our personalities show in our content. You might love us, you might hate us, but regardless you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’re not robots.

While we’re certainly a blog of the smaller variety, our content has been featured on prominent sites such as Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated, and more. So give us a shot, be sure to follow us on Twitter, and Live Life On The Ledge.

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