Want something to put on that resumé? Want to help a small site turn into something special? We’re always looking for skilled contributors. If any of the positions below interest you, and you believe you meet the requirements, don’t hesitate to send us an application.

In your application, please be sure to include samples of your work. Send all applications via e-mail:

What We’re Currently Looking For:

  •  NHL Blogger
    Do you eat, sleep, and breathe hockey? Send us some writing samples and join our team as an NHL blogger.
  •  NBA Blogger
    Is the NBA your #1 sport? Send writing samples and join us as an NBA blogger.
  • NFL Blogger
    Do you know the ins and outs of the NFL? Send writing samples and join us as an NFL blogger.
  • College Sports Bloggers (Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc.)
    Forget the pros. Are you more into college sports? If so, send us writing samples and join our team as a college sports blogger. Just specify which sport(s) you’d be interested in!
  •  PGA Blogger
    If golf is your thing (and your knowledge extends far past knowing who Tiger Woods is) send us some writing samples and join our team as a PGA blogger.
  •  Fantasy Sports Blogger
    Are you a fantasy sports fanatic and feel like sharing some tips with the public? Tell us how you can help improve the fantasy section of our site.
  • Music Blogger
    We need writers who can cover the newest music trends — such as hit songs, albums, breakout artists, etc . — consistently and at a high level. If you’re into music, send us some writing samples.
  • Movie Blogger
    If you’re always on top of things when it comes to movies, actors/actresses, trailers, etc., this position could be for you.
  • Pop Culture Blogger
    If you’re constantly on top of trends in popular culture as a whole, this position is for you.
  • Photoshop/Social Media Specialist
    Can you use Photoshop and make people laugh on the Internet? Do you know how to effectively increase social media engagement and create viral content? You’d be a huge help.


  • Bloggers
    – Knowledgable about WordPress.
    – Knowledgable about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    – Strong grammar/spelling/etc.
    – Ability to write both quick/viral content and long, thoughtful articles.
    – Ability to balance wit and humor with professionalism.
    – Minimum of 8 blogs per week
    – Willingness to collaborate with other staff members on projects.
  • Photoshop/Social Media Specialist
    – Ability to keep up with trending topics.
    – Ability to come up with witty, funny, original photos or other engaging content for social media at a moment’s notice.
    – Strong grammar/spelling/etc.
    – Creative